5 Top River Fly Fishing Tips

man fly fishing on river5 top tips for fly fishing the rivers this season:

1> Small & Dark – If you are unsure what fly to use, try the small and dark rule. Most of the food that trout eat is small and dark so use small dark flies!
2> Make sure your leader is sinking – It’s vital your leader is sinking to disguise it, a leader floating on the surface film will definitely result in less fish in the net.
3>Don’t rip the line off the water – River fishing can be tiring when you are constantly re-casting. It’s important not to rip your line off the water as you move upstream. Use a snap roll to get your line in the air before overhead casting.
4> Fish deep nymphs – If you are nymph fishing some deep fished nymphs, these must be presented right near the bottom. If you are not snagging up every so often, you are not fishing deep enough
5> Try a Klinkhammer – These emerger patterns are deadly. I cannot remember the last time I fished a Klinkhammer and didn’t have a rise to it!

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