Instructor Designed UK Fly Box

An exclusive collection of over 60 flies designed by professional UK fly fishing instructors.

Our professional fly fishing instructors have designed a fly box with over 60 flies that will catch Trout & Grayling on still waters and rivers through out the uk. The collection is kept simple with just 13 different patterns which we believe are a dream team selection that will catch fish consistently.

Unfortunately many of the job lots or fly selections on auction sites and discount tackle stores look colourful and pretty but are useless when it comes to imitating the bugs and insects in UK rivers and still waters. We have researched and tested all the flies in our UK fly box and come up with a small selection of patterns that are all relevant to UK rivers and still waters. We have also included a minimum of 4 of each pattern as we know that you will loose flies if you are casting in the right places!

The UK Fly Box contains over 60 flies with one section being dries & emergers and the other half wet flies & nymphs. A handy laminated key card ensures you know the different names of all the flies in your box as well as some fishing tips to help you understand the best ways to fish these flies on rivers and still waters.

The selection comes in a tough hinged green Caimore fly box which will fit in to the pockets of your fishing waistcoat.

uk fly box full box


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uk fly box close up


uk fly box closed box