Trout Flies For March

Trout Flies For March

Most of our UK still waters are open with many rivers opening next week! It’s time to stock up on your trout flies ready for action. With the waters in lush conditions let’s have a look at the best trout flies for March.

On the river



Upwing trout flies in March on the river will be limited to two species. The March Brown is mainly seen in the north of England and Scotland where it can be the only fly hatching in the early months of  the year. Where it is present it is essential imitating in both nymph and dry fly.



Unlike the March Brown, the Large Dark Olive is present throughout the UK and hatch in large numbers, normally towards the middle of the day. Trout love these flies and actively take both the nymph and the dry fly. In terms of trout flies for March these will make up the majority of imitations in my fly box.



Trout love shrimps and often spend most of their days foraging near the bottom feeding on these crustaceans as they move downstream. Shrimp are present all year round and will make up a significant part of the trouts diet. In many rivers and streams the shrimp will be a major trout fly in March.

On still waters



The only major hatching trout fly for March on the still waters is the Midge so in terms of imitations it’s buzzers, bloodworms, duck flies & dry midges.



Shrimp are also present and active so sub-surface they are definitely worth imitating especially if you can find areas of water where the naturals are present as fish can be queued up to gorge on the natural – here lies an opportunity to catch larger overwintered trout!


As usual at this time of year, if the fish are hungry then they will actively take lures and attractors, especially the stocked rainbows who will be hungry and aggressive. In terms of trout flies in March, either bright blobs or fritz patterns or more natural fry imitations will do the trick!

Wherever  you are fishing good luck and tight lines!




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