Best Flies For The River Wharfe

Best Flies For The River Wharfe

The River Wharfe is one of the great Dales rivers with a rich history of fly fishing. It flows from Beckermonds before emptying into the River Ouse. The River Wharfe has an excellent head of Wild Brown Trout as well as a population of Grayling. The beauty of the Wharfe is it responds to many different fly fishing methods so there really is something for everyone to enjoy.

Most of the river Wharfe is available on a day ticket meaning there is plenty of fishing for the visiting angler. Bolton Abbey remains one of the most popular areas to fish with it’s excellent pools, runs and riffles.

In terms of the best flies for the river Wharfe, we have put together a selection of flies that will work pretty much all year round. The River Wharfe has a great history of North Country Spider fishing so these flies will always feature in the Wharfe anglers fly box. The River Wharfe also responds very well to the dry fly and the fish are free rising. Czech Nymphing and upstream nymphing are also very effective, in fact, the Wharfe responds to all fly fishing methods and really is a joy to fish however you prefer. Our fly selections for the river Wharfe are all put together by Pro UK fly fishing guides and are dispatched same day when ordered before midday. You can order your flies for the Wharfe direct on this page (below) or click here to go through to the main fly shop.

Picture: Martin Norman / River Wharfe, Nr East Keswick / CC BY-SA 2.0


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