3 Ways For Fly Anglers To Get Their Fix At Home

2:02 pm

Here are 3 ways you can stay connected to the hobby you love whilst staying at home.

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Listen To The Fly Fishing Podcast

The Peaks Fly Fishing Podcast is the leading fly fishing podcast in the UK. It’s different to most other podcasts in that it’s a recording of fly fishing trips with the sounds of the river and natures as well as commentary on the fishing mixed in with stories and chat. It’s a relaxing listen for those moments when you need to hear the sound of the river.

Get In To Fly Tying

fly tying vice

Fly tying is a fascinating and rewarding hobby which keeps you connected to your favourite pastime even whilst in the house. Learn about the many different insect’s trout feed on and hone the skills to craft your own patterns. Fill your fly boxes and when you are ready to hit the water again, you will have the thrill of catching fish on flies you have tied yourself.