All our fly fishing lessons are practical and take place on the water, there is plenty of fishing time included for our clients to try and hook the fish of a lifetime!

Our River Fly Fishing Lessons


We provide fly fishing lessons on our tranquil private beat of the River Derwent near the village of Darley Dale in Derbyshire. Wildlife is abundant on this particular beat of the river. Kingfishers make a near-daily appearance with their iridescent blue hue streaking up the river for our anglers delight. Dippers are also a common site bobbing up on the rocks and diving in the shallows. Wagtails, Moorhens & Water Voles are also present, we often find our clients will sit and enjoy the tranquillity and wildlife as much as the fishing!

The river is on private land on the edge of the Peak District with no public access, there are also no roads near to the bank, meaning that our guests enjoy a relaxing lesson away from the hustle & bustle of their daily lives!
The beat contains an excellent head of mainly Wild Brown Trout as well as Grayling. We are also fortunate to be able to catch wild Rainbow Trout in the river which spawn just upstream in the River Wye. Fly life is excellent on the river with good hatches of Grannom Caddis, Large Dark Olives & Mayfly as well as the usual up-wing and caddis species. Lessons are available to those aged 18 and over. River lessons require wading in the river, climbing up and down banks and waking in waders, this means they require a higher level of physical fitness than our Stillwater lessons as well as a steadiness on your feet.

Stillwater Fly Fishing Lessons

Our stillwater fly fishing lessons take place at Ladybower in the Peak District.

Ladybower Fisheries is one of the finest stocked large still water fisheries in the UK with hard fighting brown and rainbow trout living in the clean, unspoilt waters. Located in the heart of the Peak District, Ladybower consists of hundreds of acres of beautiful scenery and excellent fishing. There are plenty of cosy local pubs nearby for those who wish to stay.

In the Upper Derwent Valley, we have exclusive access to over 600 acres of unspoilt wilderness. For those of you who fancy getting away from it all, we can provide fly fishing lessons for wild brown trout at Howden and Derwent Reservoir near the villages of Hope and Hathersage. There are no stocked fish, so you will need to learn the art of wild fishing in truly unbelievable surroundings.

With no roads, shops or sometimes even people nearby, the silence can be deafening, only interrupted by the occasional bird of prey whistling overhead or the distinctive call of the grouse on the moorland edges. Lessons are available to those aged 18 and over.

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