The leading fly fishing podcast in the UK. Mostly recorded in the river but also tips & tricks and even fly fishing audiobooks.

About our Podcast

The Peaks Fly Fishing podcast is one of the leading fly fishing podcasts in the UK. The podcast is delivered to over 20,000 listeners and subscribers.

Often recorded in the river, the Peaks Fly Fishing podcast is mainly geared around fishing trips in and around the Derbyshire Peak District & South Yorkshire. Sit back and listen to the river trickling past and discover the waters where Isaak Walton fished and the fish that live in them.

Take in the magic of those hidden urban streams and the gems that can be caught. Featuring fly fishing author, film maker and pro-coach David Johnson on his local rivers and sometimes further afield too. He falls in so you don’t have to. If you have a topic or an idea for a program please contact us.

Sound good? Come and see for yourself