4 Ways To Catch A Trout

12:56 pm

In order of difficulty:

  1. Dynamite
  2. Net
  3. Use a worm
  4. Fly fishing

Fly fishing is addictive because it isn’t easy and people who excel at fly fishing always enjoy learning. Whether it be the physical aspects such as casting or learning about the habitats of their quarry and the eco systems they live in. Many of the people who come for fly fishing lessons have played or play golf and the similarities are quite stark. As a beginner you find it frustrating sometimes when things go wrong but the satisfaction when things go right is so rewarding. As you practice more and more the consistency increases and the difference between disaster and success narrows.

Fly fishing is about more than catching fish (although that’s important!) there are so many areas to learn about such as fly tying, casting, entomology, speciman hunting, river fishing and the list goes on. I learn something every time I am out at the water whether it is teaching, photography or fishing and I think this is the essence of fly fishing which keeps us coming back – until the day you die, there is always something to learn.