5 Essential Reservoir Dry Flies For Late Summer & Autumn Fishing

12:24 pm

Dry fly fishing can be deadly through late Summer & Autumn as fish move out of their deep Summer lies to feed.  Too many reservoir anglers pull the same lures all year round and while lures will catch, late Summer & Autumn lends itself particularly well to dry fly fishing. Here are some killer patterns for fly fishing off the top in late Summer & Autumn.

Daddy Pillar

As summer just starts to cool Daddies will become superb patterns for fishing off the surface. As the natural get blown on to the water the fish will hit them hard. A classic and must have for your fly box



Steve’s Popper Hopper

These popper hoppers are awesome flies, they are pretty much unsinkable and can be fished in choppy water. The bright foam post is highly visible and can be picked out easily.



Heather Hopper

Heather flies and other terretrails are blown on to the water in large numbers and this is a superb fly for late Summer & Autumn fishing. It also does a great imitation of the Hawthorn for rising fish in April.



Sweethope Hopper

Another hopper variety of hopper which is a superb pattern for rising fish in late Summer & Autumn buoyant CDC fibers make this fly sit beautifully on the surface film.



Black F Fly CDC

Small, black and deadly.