5 Grayling Fly Fishing Tips

7:04 pm

As I am guiding and coaching for most of the trout season, much of my fly fishing is for grayling these days, over the years I have become fond of the these crisp Autumn & Winter days in the river. Provided you are wrapped up with warm waders the cool air and frosty banks create a wonderful atmosphere. Nothing is quite as delicious as a cup of hot soup to warm your hands after releasing a hard fighting grayling back in to the stream.

We have created a grayling section on the website for the most popular grayling flies.


1. A different mindset.

You can’t approach a grayling day the same as you would for trout fishing in spring. You must be prepared to use heavy flies if required and methods such as Czech nymphing to get your flies deep where the grayling are lying

2. Pick your time.

In winter the warmest part of the day is around noon when the sun is the highest, time your fishing to cover this period as there may be a small hatch which will make the grayling more active near the surface.

3. Be prepared.

Hot drinks, plenty of food and warm clothing are essential. Neoprene gloves can be very useful. Remember it’s always the fingers and toes that get cold first!

4. Be prepared to go bling.

If you don’t get results with imitations of what’s on the water then you need to try bright attractor patterns if you want to catch.

5. Grayling can shoal.

If you catch a grayling then stay where you are and fish out the water again. On many occasions, I have taken several fish without even moving my feet.

Here’s 5 awesome Grayling flies for Winter fishing: