5 Great Winter Flies For Small Stillwaters

2:39 pm

Small still water often fish brilliantly during winter. Fish can be taken on a variety of flies from small imitations to big bright lures. The key to success during the winter months is often about finding the correct depth. Depth can be varied using combinations of leader length, weighted flies, retrieve speed and using sinking lines.

Here are 5 great ideas for flies for using on small still waters this winter:

Ressie Dink

The Ressie Dink is a unique fly designed by us. It’s perfect for hanging a buzzer or small nymph underneath which will fish static, a great way to temp Winter rainbows to take your fly.

Diawl Bach

The Diawl Bach is a brilliant general imitation either of a small nymph or midge pupa. Try fishing slowly on a gentle figure of eight retrieve

Humi Snake Booby

The Humi Snake Booby is a great fly for fishing on a heavy sinking line and short leader, allow the line to sink deep so the foam booby just pops up off the bottom, a very slow twitch pulsates the fly near the feeding zone imitating an injured baitfish

Chewing Gum Worm

This brilliant fly uses a stretchy buoyant chenille and heavy bead to move with a wriggly, pulsating worm-like action, this is a fantastic fly for triggering a feeding response from sleepy winter fish.

Adult Buzzer

There will be a midge hatch pretty much every day, even during Winter. For those few hours when the fish come up from the depths, it’s important to have a good midge fly in your box. I like this pattern because it can be fished slowly without sinking too deep, this allows you to present a nice slow retrieve whilst still fishing near the surface.