5 Scruffy Trout Flies That Catch Fish

11:45 am

It takes years for a skilled fly tier to hone their skills. Being able to neatly wrap and tie off the thread, or precisely wind a wire rib it a real art form. Therefore it’s always tempting to make your flies as neatly and precisely as possible. There is no doubt however that scruffy flies catch lots of fish! But remember there is a big difference between a deliberate scruffy fly and one which is poorly tied!

Pulling out the right amount of fibres from the dubbing body using a brush or small piece of velcro is an ideal way to rough up your flies. When wet these scruffy fibres will move in the water, imitating legs, tails and even emerging wings brilliantly – these are essential trigger points for Trout.

Here are 5 superbly scruffy flies that catch fish!