Grayling & The Killer Bug

Grayling & The Killer Bug

As the Trout season comes to an end, where possible many anglers like to extend their fishing by targeting grayling on the fly. Whilst many traditional trout flies will work for grayling there is one fly that is a particular favourite of mine – Sawyers Killer Bug. This fly was originally tied by Frank Sawyer as a quick tie for targeting Grayling on the Hampshire Avon as well as other streams where grayling were considered vermin.

From a tying point of view, Sawyers Killer Bug could not be simpler. Just wool and red transformer wire. The original recipe states that Chadwick’s 477 darning wool should be used. This is no longer available and has become an expensive collectors item. In reality any beige/oatmeal wool will do a cracking job. The red transformer wire gives the fly a lovely pinkish colour when it is wet. This fly is best fished upstream and trundled back down deep towards you covering all the likely grayling lies.

We are running some grayling fishing courses this season – for dates and details please click here >>

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