Fly Fishing In The Peak District – Tips For The New Season

Fly Fishing In The Peak District – Tips For The New Season

Well, the fly fishing season is well underway on many of our local still waters and there is just a week or two left until many of the rivers will be open. We are busy checking all our kit ready for delivering fly fishing lessons in the Peak District for the rest of the season.

Looking back, we were under a foot of snow this time last year but touch wood everything is shaping up nicely.

The cold snap threw the early season hatches off track last year. On my local river there was not a hawthorn to be seen in late April whilst previous years  you could almost set your watch by them.

If you are wanting to brush up on your fly fishing this season then we are now taking bookings for fly fishing lessons – just get in touch. Your fly fishing lesson in Derbyshire can be on our own lovely stretch of private river in the company of the kingfishers and water voles.

If you are venturing out then here’s a few tips for flies that work well early season!

The Shrimper – Buy Online >>


Shrimp are a major source of food for trout throughout the year and they will be present early season. After casting upstream, try fishing around the weed beds if your river has them or if not down around the stones where the naturals live. Keep a close eye on the end of your fly line and strike if the line makes any unnatural movements as it runs back towards you.

Large Dark Olive – Buy Online >>


Often the first major up wing hatch of the year and common on most rivers, the large dark olives are taken by trout and grayling both as dries off the top and nymphs below. Keep an eye out for hatches around the middle of the day.

Hawthorne Buy Online >>


Looking forward to late April we will hopefully get a good hatch of Hawthorne flies this year. Although it’s a terrestrial fly hatching from the surrounding countryside, it can often get blown on to the water in large numbers provoking a furious reaction from hungry trout. It’s essential to have a few of these in your box as to be without them when there is a rise of fish to the naturals would be gutting!

We hope you all have a fantastic season and if you want any help or advice, don’t hesitate to get int ouch. If you are thinking of booking your fly fishing tuition in Derbyshire this year, please get in touch asap as the diary is starting to fill now the sunshine is out!

I hope you see one of these soon!




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