Streamers on rivers. Why still the taboo?

Streamers on rivers. Why still the taboo?

Fly fishing streamer patterns on rivers catches fish. In fact, it catches lots of fish. Big ones.

In the states, streamer fishing is just fly fishing. There’s nothing deemed strange or naughty about it. In the UK things are different and fly fishing streamers on rivers still carries a taboo. Streamers are for reservoirs, it’s cheating, it’s not fly fishing, it’s too easy are some of the common retorts.

Well, I love it. I love the aggression of the takes, the big fish it brings out of their rocky lies. I love hearing the reel sing as the backing becomes visible on the spool.

Why does this taboo around fly fishing streamers on rivers exist? After all, Trout are highly predatory, we know they feed on other fish so why not imitate their prey as we do for the bugs and insects they eat. There seems no logic behind it.

My opinion is that within fly fishing there still exists a snobbery, sustained by the dry-fly-only brigade that it is crass to catch trout n this way. And that’s fair enough, they are entitled to a view and to run their rivers in a manner they choose. But not fly fishing? Tell that to the Salmon anglers who have been hurling streamers at their quarry for the last hundred years or so.

Me? I want to swing streamers in a big flooded river, hurl out sand-eel flies at shoals of Mackeral. I want to double haul huge glittery balls of tinsel at massive Pike. I want to fish a dry fly at sipping Trout. I’m going to have a great time doing it.

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