River Water Craft – Riffles

River Water Craft – Riffles

The riffle is one of the easiest places to catch a fish in a river. A riffle (see photo) can be best described as a fast-moving piece of turbulent water that is normally found at the head of a pool or glide. Riffles often increase in depth, gradually getting deeper until the water turns in to the pool or glide. There are a few reasons why rifles are great places to fish. Firstly, they are turbulent meaning the fish cannot see out of them very well. The turbulence in the water also disguises your stumbling feet and splashy cast meaning that they are forgiving places to fish as you are far less likely to spook the fish.

Riffles also make a prime lie for fish as they are the place where fish can get first dibs on the nymphs, bugs and other food tumbling down the river with the current, this means when fishing up the riffle it’s important not to neglect the very top of the riffle. If there’s enough water to cover fishes back then there’s a chance of a fish!

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