Fly Fishing September – The Return Of The Large Dark Olive

12:26 pm
large dark olive
Large Dark Olive Dun

September can be a great month for fly fishing and comparable to spring fishing in some respects. Fly anglers will welcome the return of decent hatches of the Large Dark Olive. This upwing fly is a firm favorite of trout and grayling and can provide some wonderful dry fly fishing through September.

Both the nymph and the dun are worth imitating, the spinner which lays her eggs underwater and also the male spinner can be pretty much ignored as the rarely present themselves to the fish. The large dark olive can be one of the best flies for fly fishing in September and it’s essential to have some patterns ready to go.

Here’s are our favorites:


Pheasant Tail Hares Ear
Cinnamon Spider
Pheasant Tail Original

Dry & Emerger

Olive Dun
Olive Klinkhammer
Olive Sulphur Comparadun