Fly Fishing Static Flies On Small Winter Still Waters

11:44 am

As the weather cools many larger reservoirs close their doors to concentrate on maintenance work. This leaves the still water angler with the option of fishing smaller venues through the Winter months. Luckily, these smaller shallow lakes can produce their best fishing in cooler climates. Their shallow waters which, during summer, can be depleted in oxygen and provide less than ideal temperatures for Trout, often flourish.

You will need to consider a different approach however. Most of the time in cold weather, fishing fast flies and pulling lures will prove a disappointment. In Winter, with their metabolism dulled, Trout are less likely to chase their prey. Fishing static or slow flies is usually far more rewarding. The predominant hatches will be midges, as this fly is present in all it’s lifecycle forms each days of the year – even in the depths of Winter.

Fish may only feed for short periods in the day so fishing around midday ( the warmest part of the day) makes sense. Overcast days are still ideal if you are able to pick your day. You will still see the odd rise during the day as Trout sip down the odd midge or two.

Our new Ressie Dink fly (click here to find out more) will provide the perfect way to tackle these small Winter still waters. A buzzer hanging underneath, drifting slowly in the ripple will often prove irrisable, even to the shyest of Winter Trout. Fish will also readily take the Ressie Dink on the surface too if they feel inclined to show themselves to a hatch of midges.