Fly Tying Kits – Which One Is Right For You?

9:26 am

If you are thinking of starting fly tying then there is a high chance you are thinking of starting with a kit. Fly tying kits are great because they normally have everything you need to get started. When you are a fly tying beginner,  you don’t know what you need until you need it!

Within fly tying kits there is still a little bit of choice so I’ve run through the 3 most popular fly tying kits below.

1 – Veniards Premium Kit

The most popular fly tying kit, it comes with all the tools, a vice and enough materials for thousands of flies. A great starter kit for those that want to dive in and tackle different flies & materials straight away.



2 – Beginners Book, Materials & Tools

This isn’t one kit but three separate items designed to complement each other, it is very popular and useful for people with a more methodical mindset. The most popular fly tying book is the Beginners Guide To Fly Tying by Chris Mann & Terry Griffiths. Chapter by chapter you learn new methods and skills whilst the book walks you through tying 12 carefully chosen flies.

So, very cleverly, Veniards have built a materials kit that contains everything you need in one kit to work through all the examples in the book. However the materials kit does not contains tools or a vice so you will need to buy these separately. I have listed the book, materials kit and tools kit below,  you will also need a fly tying vice which are available here.







3 – Pinnacle Fly Tying Kit

If you really want to dive in to all aspects of fly tying then the pinnacle kit is truly awesome. Contained within its own unique fly tying storage system this kit contains everything you need to tie a serious number of flies as well as all the tools you need and vice. As a fly tyer you will always be adding new materials and tools as you progress through your learning, the theory behind this kit is just to provide everything you need from the offset!