Popper Hoppers & How To Fish Them

5:42 pm



Popper hopper fishing fly
The popper hopper fishing fly


Out of all the fishing flies I use, if I am fishing a big choppy reservoir and want to put a fly on the surface then the popper hopper will be nearly always my go-to fly.

Especially at this time of year when the daddy long legs are starting to blow on to the water, the popper hopper is a fantastic fly to use. There are a couple of ways they can be fished. Firstly, the popper hopper can be cast out and left to drift in the ripple as you would a dry fly. The second method (which can be very effective) is to pull the fly back through the water, the foam head will cause the water to pop and make the disturbance that will attract fish. The beauty of these flies is the foam makes them unsinkable so they can be treated very roughly in the water!

Another very effective way to fly fish with a popper hopper is to use it as an indicator fly. A few feet of fluorocarbon can be tied on to the shank of the hook and a small nymph (a small buzzer is ideal) attached to the end of the fluoro. If the popper hopper disappears then strike into the fish that will have taken the nymph!