Prospecting On The Seam

2:24 pm

Whilst many anglers enjoy dry fly fishing, my favourite style of fly fishing is prospecting with a nymph. When dry fly fishing to rising fish, you already know where the fish are – you can see them. When you are prospecting with a nymph, you have no indicators as to where the fish are. This is rewarding as you have to try and read the river to work out likely lies and present the nymph or wet fly at the appropriate depth.

It is incredibly satisfying when your hunch is right and you connect with a fish! When fishing a river in this way I often look for a seam of water. This is an area where quick water meets slower flowing water. I like to run the nymph down this seam as fish will often lie in the slower water where they can see food items traveling down the “food lane” in the faster current. They can then zip in to the quick water, take the food and then zip back to the slower water again waiting for the next tasty morsel to come along!