Sinking Line, Short Leader & Booby

2:37 pm

As the reservoirs start to open their doors, anglers will be gracing the banks and boats full of enthusiasm. The truth is, apart from midges there is little in the way of food around for early season trout. Cold water will also mean that the trout’s metabolism is not running at full steam. These two factors will mean that fish can by lying close to the bottom during the early part of the season.

Using a sinking line and short leader with a booby is one method that is very effective at catching these early season fish.

Set Up.

You will need –

A heavy sinking line
A short leader of around 12 inches
Some boobies



The Theory

The logic behind this method is that you are pretty much laying you sinking line down on the bottom, the foam booby will “pop up” just off the bottom on the short leader.

After casting, allow the line and leader to sink down to the bottom and then inch the fly back towards you nice and slow.

Things To Remember

Most fish caught on a fly are just hooked in the mouth. This is one method where there is a chance that the fish will take the fly down deeper. It’s very important to keep a tight line and slowly move the fly so you can feel the take and strike. Make sure you are letting the line sink down to to the bottom!