Sunny Days & Sinking Lines

5:36 pm



Sinking lines are essential in sunny conditions

With the sunny weather we are having at the minute, it’s important to be armed with a sinking line in your tackle bag. When we look at the sun we will automatically squint but trout do not have this luxury as they have no eyelids.

In bright sunny weather, in order to get out of the sun trout will seek shade or go deep (sometimes very deep). If you don’t have a sinker then you may have a long day!

The trick with a sinking line is to understand the sink rate of the line you are using. This is normally printed on the box and rated in inches per second.

You can then countdown the line in the water so you know what depth you are fishing. Start high in the water and keep working down until you start getting interest in your fly and then you can continue to fish at this depth.

I had a morning fishing at Ladybower the other day and had two fish and few takes in the first 12 inches of water on a cloudy morning. The cloud suddenly lifted and takes on the floating line ceased. I put my fast sinker on and counted down the casts. Eventually at fifteen feet I started having takes again. So the fish had moved from the surface to fifteen feet down in a  matter of 10 minutes!

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