Terms and Conditions

Please take the time to read the terms and conditions for your days fishing. The terms and conditions printed here take precedence over any terms printed anywhere else.

Our registered company office is at 6 Manchester Road Buxton, SK17 6SB – please note there is no public access at this address.


These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. You may want to keep checking from time to time if you feel any changes to these terms and conditions may affect you.

The venues we use for fly fishing lessons may change from time to time from those published.

In England it is against the law to fish using a rod and line if you do not have a rod licence, you must purchase a rod licence for the day you are receiving your tuition these can be bought online here : https://www.gov.uk/fishing-licences You must bring a hat and glasses with you and wear them at all times when receiving your tuition.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase you may obtain a full refund within 14 days of the dates of purchase

We will not pay and we accept no liability for any other costs or damages such as but not limited to hotel reservations, train or travel costs. As with any trip, you should take out appropriate insurance cover to protect you against any losses through cancellations. Lessons cancelled due to dangerous weather will be rebooked.

Gift Vouchers

Using a gift voucher for river tuition – If you decide to book your gift voucher for tuition on the river then you do so with the understanding that there is a chance the river may be in flood and dangerous to fish on your chosen date. Under these circumstances an alternative still water venue will be offered for your tuition. As weather conditions are beyond our control and days in the river season are limited, we cannot rearrange your date for river tuition and will only do so if both river and still water venues are unsuitable for your tuition. If you decide not to attend the alternative venue then the non-attendance clause (see below) comes in to affect and you will no longer be able to use your voucher and no refund will be offered.

If you “upgrade” a voucher by making a payment, for instance, to make a half-day into a full day, then gift voucher terms and conditions apply to your whole booking.

If we cancel your tuition booked using a gift voucher (for reasons other than adverse weather) we will re-arrange the date of your tuition and if necessary extend the expiry date of your voucher to enable you to use it. In some circumstances this may not be on a like for like basis for example you may book a river lesson and the re-arranged lesson is on a stillwater or part of a larger group.

We will not pay and we accept no liability for any other costs or damages such as but not limited to hotel reservations, train or travel costs. As with any trip, you should take about appropriate insurance cover to protect you against any losses through cancellations for whatever reason.

Gift Vouchers are non-refundable and must be used within 1 year. The expiry date for gift vouchers cannot be extended. Lessons must take place before the expiry date printed on the front of the voucher, rebookings must still take place before the expiry (see below for the notice required for rebooking a date)

A gift certificate is valid for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. If this period is exceeded without the gift certificate being used the gift certificate becomes invalid and can no longer be used. We will not refund expired gift certificates.

To redeem a gift certificate it is recipients responsibility to call Peaks Fly Fishing to book. The date will be arranged by Peaks Fly Fishing to be mutually convenient to both parties. Although dates may be arranged sooner, you must give 6 weeks notice to book your lesson. Weekends have a much higher demand than weekdays and we cannot guarantee weekend dates. You may need to give longer notice if you require a weekend. However, gift certificates for specific courses can only be used on the specified course. If you give less than 6 weeks notice your tuition will take place with a group.

Peaks Fly Fishing will not contact gift certificate recipients to remind them to use their gift certificate before the expiry date. It is the sole responsibility of the gift certificate recipient to make sure the gift certificate is redeemed before it expires.

All lessons with Peaks Fly Fishing Gift Vouchers will be on a 2 students to 1 instructor basis on river and up to 3 to 1 on still water – in some circumstances this may change.

Gift certificates are non-refundable and have no cash value and may not be resold. `If you purchase a gift certificate using a credit card you make an undertaking to us that you understand they are non-refundable and you will not try and obtain a refund via your credit card company – known in the industry as a “chargeback”. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Non-attendance – Once the recipient has booked their tuition, if they fail to attend without notifying us then we will not offer any refund or rebooking and your gift certificate will be no longer valid. Instructors will wait at the venue for 30 minutes until the non-attendance clause applies. Instructors will not return to the venue once they have left.

If your gift voucher has a greater value than the option you choose, no refund is provided for the “unused” part of the voucher. However, this may be used towards another booking.

All bookings are subject to availbility.

3rd Party Activity Companies

We provide experience days for a variety of experience companies – please note in most of these situations your contract of sale is with the voucher company and not with ourselves.

We may ask for a refundable booking deposit in some situations.

Your voucher must not have expired and you must bring it with you on your tuition day.

Where relevant, our standard terms for receiving fly fishing tuition (as set out below) apply

Fly Fishing Tuition

All bookings are subject to availbility.

Peaks Fly Fishing may ask for a non-refundable to secure your booking.

You can cancel your tuition and receive a full refund within 14 days of booking. After this period cancellations will not be refunded.

Your tuition date is not confirmed until payment has been made in full

You may rearrange your date one time only provided you give a minimum of 28 days notice. Re-arranging your date is subject to availability and not on a like for like basis. There may be times when your re-arranged lesson will be different to that originally booked. For example you may book a river lesson and the re-arranged lesson is on a stillwater or part of a larger group.

Once your date has been rearranged one time we cannot make any further changes and any further cancellation will result in the loss of your date, voucher and any monies paid.

If you cancel your tuition less than 28 days before the tuition date, then we will not be able to rearrange your date and any monies paid will not be refunded.

If you do not attend your tuition without notifying us then we reserve the right to charge/retain the full cost of your tuition.

You must read and sign the supplied consent form before tuition commences. We will not provide tuition otherwise.

Coaching is available to children of 16 or over (still water only) but their parent/guardian needs to be present throughout the day. The parent or guardian must sign the consent form on the child’s behalf and the duty of care for the child is with the parent/guardian. River lessons are adults only.

If we have to cancel your date due to high river levels or bad or dangerous weather, as this is beyond our control, your lesson will be rearranged for another date. We do not provide refunds in these circumstances. If you have used a gift voucher then additional terms apply in relation to high river levels (please see gift voucher terms and conditions)

River lessons require a much higher level of physical fitness than stillwater lessons. You need to be steady on your feet. On the river you will be walking through the river in waders, climbing up and down river banks and wading through water on a rocky river bed as well as casting.

If you have ever suffered from dizziness, vertigo, travel sickness, or inner ear type issues, moving water (river) could trigger your symptoms.

Please be aware that fly fishing requires a fairly high level of physical fitness, good balance and steadyness on your feet. For any anglers with these issues or any other ongoing health issues or for those recovering from surgery or serious illness, please note all our lessons are physical activities and the responsibility is with you the angler to ensure that any of our lessons (regardless of water type) are suitable for you. If you have any underlying medical issues, you must check with a medical professional that you are ok to attend a fly fishing lesson.

Online Shop

Our online shops is located at http://shop.peaksflyfishing.com and the terms and conditions for the online shop are located on that site.

Coronavirus & Pandemic Policy

Our T&C have a provision in them for having to rearrange lessons when they are cancelled by situations beyond our control. Please note there is no exemption from our terms for any event caused by pandemics or the coronavirus that may affect your tuition such as (but not limited to) travel restrictions, quarantine restrictions or restrictions on group gatherings. Please take out appropriate insurance that covers your trip and be aware of our terms in relation to cancellations and rebookings. Coronavirus does not provide any special exemption from our T&C

Premium Content, Instructional Videos & All Other Content

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