The Compleat Angler – Dare You Dislike It?

12:54 pm

I find “The Compleat Angler” very dull indeed. There I said it! I know it’s probably unfashionable to say it and I have several versions of the book sat here on my office shelves. I have gritted my teeth and read it, and even taking into account the style of writing from the time. I still just can’t get on with it.

The thing is, I have spoke to several game anglers recently who all think the same but dare not utter a word against it! I read lots of angling books and I can read GEM Skues without any trouble, BB is a delight and Chris Yates is an all time favorite. The Compleat Angler has attained almost sacred status and lots of semi-religious waffle is written about it, pilgrimages are made to rivers mentioned in it and any fly angler on the television seems compelled to quote some bit or other in order to look learned. But hand on heart does anyone actually find it a good read?