The Importance Of Fly Fishing With Caddis Flies

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Lifecycle of the Caddis
Lifecycle of the Caddis


The caddis fly or the sedge fly as anglers commonly refer to them is one of the most prolific aquatic flies in the world. It is present in nearly all rivers and streams throughout the UK. Most caddis fly live in cases which they make from small pieces of the stream or lake bed.

Trout & Grayling will feed on all stages of caddis fly from the cased pupa, the ascending pupa, the emerging pupa as well as the adult fly. There are hundreds of different species of caddis fly and in the UK some species will start to hatch in early spring and other species later throughout the spring and summer.

When fly fishing, it is important to have good imitations of the various stages of the caddis lifecycle in your box.


Here are a few of my favourites: