The Mighty Midge

12:22 pm
Midges are often overlooked by river anglers.

The midge is often overlooked by river fly fishers who’s eye can be drawn to the larger up-wing species.

I’ve had some cracking days recently fishing midge patterns, mainly emergers fished in the surface film as well  the superglue buzzers. Buzzers, whilst highly popular with still water anglers are fantastic river flies and should be making an appearance in your river fly box!

I had a brilliant few hours on Barlow brook last week and took 8 lovely wild brownies all on small black buzzers. Try short casts upstream to bulging  fish or cast square across with a short drift to likely pools and eddies.

Try a selection of colours too, looking at some of the midges hatching recently the body colours were everything from olive to black to reddy brown.