Why Robson Green’s Extreme Fishing Is Great For Angling

2:01 pm

UPDATE: Robson’s PR company refused us permission for an image of him so we had to make our own. Sorry.

robson green picture
Regular anglers may scoff at the onscreen antics of tv’s Robson Green but I welcome his cheeky contribution to angling.

I have lost count of the amount of men, women & children who have booked a fly fishing lesson with us who cited Robson Green as the reason for giving fly fishing a go.

In the modern age of a celebratory lead news agenda, us anglers are unlikely to get another “Passion for angling” or “Go fishing”, they don’t fit the agenda of mainstream media.

However we must consider the bigger picture, new blood is essential in any sport and if Robson Green manages to do what John Wilson, Dick Walker & Oliver Kite did for me then it can only be a good thing.

As we all know once angling gets in our blood, that magic never leaves us. For many of us the addiction took hold as a child, those sleepless night before a days fishing, unable to rest our eyes for visions of scaly monsters and deep weedy pools. Those electric summer evenings when we transcended hunger for one last cast as dusk turned to dark.

Many people we guide and teach experienced this magic as a child but then work, marriage and family meant that fishing had to be put on hold. Deep down inside however the childhood urges simmered, occasionally surfacing whilst walking over a bridge with the family and unknowingly stopping and staring down to the river or being drawn toward the local tackle shop instead of the supermarket.

It may be twenty years later when work and family have started to ebb that the finally they wet a line, without experiencing that magic as a child they might have been lost forever in the world or mortgages, school runs and saturday night tv.

So well done Robson Green and all the production team for inspiring another generation of anglers.