Winter Fly Fishing – 3 Great Still Water Fishing Flies To Use This Winter

5:04 pm

Fly fishing during the winter can be great fun, as long as the wind and rain keep off then a crisp cold day with a flask of soup for company is wonderful.

Like most fish, trout will slow down during the winter months, however they will still feed and can provide some great fly fishing.

There will be very little surface food available during the colder months of winter although the aquatic midge will still hatch. Your fly fishing is mainly going to be sub surface. Also it’s essential to remember that the trouts metabolism will slow down with the cold temperature so they are less likely to be aggressively chasing their food. Choose flies which enable to you to fish with a slow retrieve for more success.

Here are three fly ideas, some imitative and some attractors depending on the style of fly fishing you enjoy.

Bloodworm buzzer << BUY ONLINE >> 

bloodworm buzzer
bloodworm buzzer fishing fly

Even when fly fishing in the cold weather of winter, the aquatic midge will still be active. The bloodworm is the early part of the lifecycle of the midge before it ascends through the water as a hatching pupa. Try fishing this on a slow sinking line as close to the bottom as you dare with a nice slow figure of eight retrieve.

Booby << BUY ONLINE >>

booby fishing fly
The booby fishing fly.

Love them or hate them there is no denying the versatility of the booby fishing fly. During winter fish these on a sinking line with a short leader so they pop up off the bottom. A very slow retrieve is normally required. If you fish them static popped off the bottom it’s important to keep a tight line to feel the take to avoid the fish taking the fly too far down.

Shrimper << BUY ONLINE >>

shrimper fishing fly
Shrimper fishing fly

If you are fly fishing on a still water that contains freshwater shrimp then this may be an effective option. Shrimp will still be present during the winter months. Try fishing where you know the naturals occur, again a very slow figure of eight type retrieve is normally the most effective.