3 Key Considerations When Choosing The AFTM Rating Of Your New Fly Rod

4:38 pm

fly-fishing-lessonpeak-district-pic1.jpgChoosing the AFTM rating of your first fly rod can be confusing. Here are three things for you to consider.

The size of fly you will be casting.

The bigger the fly, the bigger weight rod and line will be required to turn it over. Our trout flies can be as small as half a centimetre or as long as 10cm!


The windier it is, the bigger the weight of rod and line you will need. If you intend on fishing somewhere which is often windy such as an exposed reservoir or in the sea, you will need a heavier line to cut through the air.

Size of fish

Because the weight of the line flexes the rod,  heavier rated rods will take more weight before they are fully flexed. This means that they will handle bigger fish. If you intend to target big fish then you will need a heavier rod.

Here are a few examples of my set ups to help you make sense of it!

Small brook small fish: #2 weight

Small river medium fish: #4 weight

Medium river potential big fish: #6 weight

Reservoir potential big fish and wind: #8 weight

Pike fishing or saltwater for big fish both big flies: #10 weight