Best Flies For The River Test

12:51 pm

The river Test is one of the most famous fly fishing rivers in the world. It’s unique chalk stream habitat and rich history attracts anglers from all over the world. Because of this demand, fly fishing on the River Test can be expensive compared to other rivers so if you are planning your trip then our tried and tested flies for the River Test will help you get the most out of your day. The Test contains Wild Brown Trout & Grayling as well as some stocked fish. There are also Sea Trout and the occasionally Salmon.

The clear waters of the River Test mean that dry fly fishing is often the preferred method, some beats will insist on a dry fly only rule so it’s important to check the rules before you fish. Flies for the River Test include Olives, Caddis, Terrestrials with a good mayfly hatch. Nymphing is also very successful on the river and a large population on freshwater shrimp means larger specimens are often caught with a shrimp imitation fished close to the bottom.

Our tried and test flies for the River Test cover the main hatches you are likely to encounter and will provide you with the flies you need for a successful trip. You can order flies for the River Test either directly from this page (below) or by visiting the River Test page direct on the store.

Image – Peter Jordan / River Test at Bossington / CC BY-SA 2.0