Shuttlecock Buzzers & Emerger Fishing Flies

2:50 pm


Lifecycle of the midge

The aquatic midge follows a distinct lifecycle and the shuttlecock buzzer is perfect for imitating the emerging midge.

Midges are present in all rivers and lakes throughout the UK and will form a part of the diet of most still water trout at some point during the year. This means they are of major importance to the still water fly angler. One of the most effective midge imitations or buzzers as anglers refer to them is the shuttlecock buzzer. The shuttlecock buzzer imitates the emerging midge, as the ascending midge pupa hatches out of the surface film, this is where the midge pupa becomes especially vulnerable to cruising trout!

The shuttlecock buzzer will float with the bottom of the fly under the surface film whilst the highly buoyant CDC (Cul de canard) duck feathers float above the water.Shuttlecock buzzers are best fished by letting the fly float naturally in the ripple, especially where trout have been spotted bulging or rising to flies. Watch the fly for a fish rising then strike to hook the fish. As well as the shuttlecock buzzer there are many other effective emerging midge imitations that you can consider.

Some of my favourites: