UK Saltwater Fly Fishing Festival Day 1

8:01 pm

As the sun was rising over St Mawes, Cornwall, most of the other festival goers were shaking off whiskey tasting hangovers but I was out on the rocks trying for some bass having been sensible enough to bow out early the night before.  Alas, the bass didn’t oblige but after a quick breakfast at the hotel I headed over to a different mark to try for some pollack. Most of the outdoor festival events had to be moved indoors due to the high winds but I wasn’t in the mood for listening to presentations – I’m here to fish!

The weather was truly horrific for fly fishing today with 30pmh winds and rain meaning casting was tricky to say the least. Luckily I brought my 10 weight rod in case we had some heavy winds.

Casting a  heavy rod and thick shooting head line for tiny kelp dwelling Pollack isn’t ideal but at least I had a pull on my string, catching plenty of small Pollack and loosing a couple of bigger ones too.

I will be out again tomorrow for day one of the salt water fly fishing competition although it’s more of a social event  rather than a serious competition.