UK Saltwater Fly Fishing Festival Day 2

7:17 pm

After a bad nights sleep and an early start I was distinctly bleary when I rolled up to the mark I had chosen to fish the first day of the saltwater fly competition. My plan was to hit the marks where I caught all the pollack yesterday and things started of well just as dawn was breaking with a pollack and mackerel hitting my bootlace sand-eel fly within the first half an hour. Saltwater fly fishing is, however no different to any other type of fishing in that bright warm still sunny days are nearly always bad news!

As the sun rose over the hill it became clear things would not be as good as yesterday. The rays of light were penetrating the deep clear water at St Mawes and I reckon I could see to a depth of 30 or 40 feet in the crystal clear water. I slogged it out as best as I could be it became clear a change of plan was needed.

I decided to go back to the hotel for a cup of tea and a sandwich and take a break while the tide turned, then I would have  crack at the bass on the incoming tide, the clouds came in a bit and it looked perfect as water ripped through the rocks and gulleys. I had nothing for the first hour but then suddenly started getting lots of hits. I landed three ,lost two and had several takes all in the last half an hour of fishing including a nice fish of 44cm. Lovely end to the day.