5 Dry Fly Fishing Tips

6:01 am

If the fish are rising all around you then it’s time to fish a dry fly. Dry fly fishing offers some of the most exciting days of the year but presentation is everything! Despite the rain, we have had a few cracking days already in the Peak District and around Derbyshire.

Here’s a few tips to help you present your dry fly.

1> Select a fly that is a similar size and colour to those the fish are taking. A book like this one will really help.

2> Use a tapered leader, this will help “turnover” the fly at the end of your cast.

3> Stop your rod high on your forward cast, this will form a tight loop of line that will travel out across the water and help turnover your fly

4> Use your feet. Instead of trying to cast to every fish you see, use your feet to get closer to your target. A shorter more accurate cast will mean that you are more likely to present the fly well.

5> Spend a bit of time preparing your leader, line and fly. Apply de-greaser to your leader to help it sink and some floatant to your dry fly if it needs a hand floating. You need to make sure that the leader near the fly is sinking, a crease in the surface tension from a leader is sure to turn the fish away.

Have fun and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any help or advice!