5 River Nymph Fishing Tips

2:09 pm

Nymph fishing on the river is a very productive method that requires skill and thought. Here are a few tips to help improve your technique.

1 A high floating line

The end of your fly line must be floating as this is your bite indication. Apply some floatant such as Mucilin (see below) to ensure your line is floating high in the water.


2 Strike at everything

 Strike at every unnatural movement in the fly line. Takes can be very subtle indeed so hit everything. Never presume it’s the bottom stopping the line, always strike and presume it’s a fish.

3. Cast Upstream

Upstream nymphing allows your nymph to travel downstream in a dead drift. This presents your nymph as natural as possible with all the other drifting food items in the water. Here’s a great selection of classic nymphs for upstream nymph fishing:


4. Czech nymphing

In fast streams, your nymph may not get near the bottom.  If you are wanting to fish deep, try Czech Nymphing. Below are 3 of our most successful Czech Nymphs:




5. Sighted fish

Nymph fishing is very successful to sighted fish who are taking insects just below the surface. Try a Sawyers  Pheasant tail or similar cast just upstream and allow to drift over the rising fish. Sawyers classic nymph is pictured below:

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Upstream Nymphing Video