5 River Nymph Fishing Tips

5 River Nymph Fishing Tips

5 River Nymphing Tips

Nymph fishing on the river is a very productive method that requires skill and thought. Here’s a few tips to help improve your technique.

1> The end of your fly line must be floating as this is your bite indication. Apply some floatant such as Harkers Loop & Line to ensure your line is floating high in the water.

2> Strike at every unnatural movement in the fly line. Takes can be very subtle indeed so hit everything.

3> Upstream nymphing allows your nymph to travel downstream in a dead drift. This presents your nymph as natural as possible with all the other drifting food items in the water.

4> In fast streams, your nymph may not get near the bottom.  If you are wanting to fish deep, try Czech Nymphing.

5> Nymph fishing is very successful to sighted fish who are taking insects just below the surface. Try a Sawyers  Pheasant tail or similar cast just upstream and allow to drift over the rising fish.

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